Artist Statement: Marianna Rothen

My work uses photography as a fictional story telling device. Women in distress are the heroines of my pictures. My focus is their emotional disquiet, which to me is the operating temperature of the female persona, the melting point where these gentle creatures reach their mythological climax. They’re vulnerable and innocent, yet the fight for identity reciprocates their strength, and the beauty of their despair transcends them to the untouchable and iconic.

The women are shot against nature or what modern society has put in it’s place: the domestic environment of the home. These shelters are lonely fortresses, rooms charged with histories, their walls hold incarcerated feelings. Stuck in these structures or lost in landscapes, the characters fight their own projection, like reoccurring, recycled apparitions. Alienation from the cultural codex is their only means to survive. Synonymously, the characters themselves become apparitions in my landscapes, blurring the border of what is real and the imaginary.

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